Waiting For Sunset

October 13, 2008

Never Look Back

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Whenever I experience something, I internalize it. It has always been a habit of mine. I do not think I wish to part with it, as I used to.

The first thing that comes to mind though, concerning that very habit, is a commercial on saw on television when I was 10 years old. I believe it was a Kotex tampon commercial (at the time, I wouldn’t have none that… I was unaware of what the trendy looking tube of fabric  with the gently braided rope was for. But in the commercial, there was a young adult woman walking down the halls of a school, smiling slyly and confidently. Her walk was strong and sure. “Never look back.” The narrator was saying as the woman walked on. To this day, I still envision that narrator’s voice in my mind whenever I walk somewhere alone, or need an extra assurance: “Never look back.”

I watched Penelope today. It is a modernized love story, in which the main character has been cursed with the face of a pig, and only when she is loved by someone of her own kind, will the curse be broken. For this reason, her mom goes through great lengths to find Penelope a proper suitor.

Penelope was pleasantly surprising… The visuals were lovely, and the story was not as bad as you might expect. I did not care for the motherr’s character, for I thought she was too loud and obnoxious, and entirely self-centered. Although, maybe some viewers thought it was comedic. I enjoyed the main character however. Penelope is a sheltered girl, waiting for someone to love her… Her room is probably my favorite set of the movie: Lush combinations of red and green, creating an almost magical feel, scattered with miniature furniture and completed by a small swing set in the middle. Reese Witherspoon has a small part in this movie… It rather annoyed me to see all the commercials on television that spoke of Witherspoon as if she was the lead character. The fact remains that the character she played added nothing to the story. A midget actor (I know not the proper term) had a very substantial part in this film, and it was rare to see. Those poor short actors are usually cast as comedic relief. What a refreshing change indeed!

I walked to the stores again… My little brother, Anthony, surprised me half way there with his presence. I was glad to have his company on the long walk. I tend to get very self-conscious, especially when faced with the stares of strangers in cars. Nick was there too… Practicing driving for a driver’s test that is coming up. I wish him all the luck in the world- I don’t know if he could handle another failure! I always feels so warm when Nick is near, like an energizing and mutual love emanating from our bond. I hope it never fades. One of the things that Mama needed from the store was thinly sliced pepperoni. The butcher lady looked very amused that Anthony, nor I, knew the difference between regular pepperoni and pizza pepperoni.

I must confess that I ate so much food today! I promised myself I wouldn’t, but then I always find some way to justify it in my mind! In any case, I feel so happy. It must be the full moon.

Christopher told me tonight that he will not be spending Thanksgiving with us, because he must see his girlfriend. I was terribly disapointed. Afterall, Thanksgiving is about family. I do not want to celebrate a family that is lacking. But, it is not my place. Maybe I will be put in the same situation as him one day.


October 12, 2008

Blisters On My Heels

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The house is quiet at this time in the night, especially when Christopher is away sleeping somewhere else.

This morning I woke up and watched Emma, a movie based on the Jane Austen classic. I am always fond of anything anachronistic (as should be increasingly evident as time goes on) and I simply adored the 2005 adaption of Pride and Prejudice starring Keira Knightly as Elizabeth and Matthew Macfeydon as Darcy. Emma was equally delightful, but unlike Pride and Prejudice, I have never read the book. The story seemed pleasant and well-paced, with an interesting love story. I shall have to read the book soon, even if it means disliking the movie afterwards.  If one thing is for certain it is that the scenes will always be beautiful. Gwen Paltrow plays a believable character, and the landscapes are lovely. There is a library rather close to the markets… Perhaps I will take a walk over there one day, if I can figure out the simple directions.

My heels are full of blisters from a long walk to the grocery store. I convinced my parents that walking to the supermarket would be most beneficial opposed to driving a car. I had a very romantic image in mind: Me walking down a rocky path, under golden trees, embraced by gentle gusts of wind… Dress fluttering against my bare legs. I suppose it can be said that it started off that way. I wore a deep brown knee-length dress with dark wegded shoes. I pinned back my hair in a victorian style and curled two tendrils on each side of my face. It was strange to see myself in the mirror. My face looks so much fresher without so much black makeup and dark lipstick and a large set of hair to hide behind.

It was hard to stay romantic as the walk wore on. I was no longer walking along carefully crafted paths, but beside a street of noisy vehicles and curious glances. The walk is rather far for a girl like me, that rarely leaves her humble and equally chaotic home. I contented myself with the thought that I was helping the planet, and giving myself a better figure at the same time. The walk back was terribly painful, but I endured, and felt wonderful when I returned home with the produce: A bag of milk and a loaf of bread.

According to my fitness book from gym class, there are six areas of wellness: Environmental wellness, intellectual wellness, emotional wellness, social wellness, spiritual wellness and physical wellness. I would like to try my best to sastisfy each area everyday. I can only imagine how rewarding it would be.

In Victorian times, women and men contented themselves with simple things, but lovely things. I strive for that beauty in my life. The thought always conjures up the beautious image of a sunset. So much like a painting, especially in Autumn. That is why this blog is called “Waiting For Sunset.” Shouldn’t we all be longing for that sunset?

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