Waiting For Sunset

November 8, 2008

Drizzling Down

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I do not want this day to fall in the dreadful abyss of the forgotten… So even though I am exceedingly tired… I must get the main ideas down.

1. Went with N to the mall and the bookstore, just to be together.

2. A bought me a poster I had been admiring at the beginning of the week… How thoughtful… V told me what has been bothering her.

3. Went downtown with N… His car has the best mix of music. Everything is so much funner in pairs: Riding the metro, drinking spiced coke rum on a balcony in the rain, taking long, dark bus rides, trying interesting new restaurants and coffee flavours… I truly had a wonderful time and I cannot wait to do it again. (But the homeless break my heart.)

4. My father was laid off from work.



  1. Hey!

    I’m at my parents house for christmas and the whole lot! I’m sorry for not replying sooner but the somputers are old here and the new hotmail doesn’t really work. I can sorta read emails but I defianly can’t send any so no replyin on my side. So hopefully you get this! how are the holidays going for you?

    I just reg on the 18 I got all the classes I wanted and I got friday off! a three day weekend every week!

    I was going tocall but I didn’t want to bug anyoneduring the holidays 😛

    mmmmm Miss you very much!

    Comment by Margo — December 21, 2008 @ 10:53 pm

  2. Margo!! ❤
    This was such a creative way to contact me! lol I definitely wasn’t expecting it, but its great all the same. Actually, the thoughts you had about calling were the same way I felt about calling and writing… I kept thinking, “She’s probably doing the whole family thing-I don’t want to intrude.” Hehe, we are always so paranoid… Well, I guess I should give you a call then sometime, huh? I still think it will be after Christmas. I never realized how much my family prepares for such a fleeting moment!
    Congratulations on the Friday off! That sounds absolutely amazing. There is nothing better than a 4 day week! Now it will feel like there is always a ped day! Great for job oppurtunities too.
    I’m going to apply at the Burger King tomorrow. If I don’t get this job, I will be very discouraged, but I’m staying as positive as possible! 😀
    So say hi to everyone for me! 🙂 I love picturing you nice and snug at home with all those beautiful, familiar faces. ❤
    P.P.S I lost my pass card… So visiting you will be more costly than it should have been, but I still can’t wait! 😀

    Comment by katacomb — December 22, 2008 @ 6:24 am

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