Waiting For Sunset

October 19, 2008

Smoking a Cow Bone Pipe

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Today has been wonderful! I simply adore spending the day away from home. Papou took Stephanie and I to the bank as promised, and then to Chapters so I could buy a birthday present for Nick. Anthony came along too, as we are to sleep over tonight. I bought Nick “War and Peace”, a masterpiece, world renowned as the best book ever written. When I told the worker what book I sought, he said, “Whoa. Good luck.” It is a very hard read. I bought Anna Karenina for myself-a book by the same author. Going through Chapters is almost a painful experience… I am always tempted to buy out the entire store!

Papou and Nana, my greek grandparents, are fantastic people.  Without fail, I am always given my grandfather’s infamous lecture about how education means everything. When he discovered that Nick is indeed a man (that sounds rather strange) he became his traditional self, and warned me not to fall for “traps” in life.  Nana is a quiet, but intelligent and sarcastic woman. She argues with Papou quite frequently, and is alot more open-minded and modern than her husband. I think the relationship between the two of them is endearing.

My grandfather likes to carve things out of wood. He is sensationally talented, carving things like portraits and pipes, and most recently another violin. It astounds and amazes me. Today I asked him, “Where did you learn to do that?” He replied, “Learn? You just look at the picture and make.” Anthony and I just stared at eachother in bewilderment.

Papou is also in the process of making a smoking pipe out of cow bones. At first I did not understand, thinking the idea was bizarre-even for Papou. But sure enough, Papou emerged with what will most surely become the most loveliest and original smoking pipe in existence. He carved all different sorts of greek symbols into it, like the accropolis and the flag, along with carefully sized people. I asked him where he found the large cow bones in the first place ( I would not have been surprised had he said he had killed a cow and cleaned off the bones for use…Such a thing is true to his eccentric character) but as always, the answer was stranger than I imagined.

“At the grocery store-I ask, and they give me.” At the sound of  our laughter, he added, “What? They no use it. What they gonna use it for?”

I regret not having my camera around, so that I may eternalize the image of his beautiful talent.

Christopher told me today that he and his friend found an apartment. I am very happy for him, and I hope all goes as he plans it. He showed me some of the pictures he took of the place, and it is a very beautiful dwelling. The view is spectacular- when you open the front door, you see the lake shore. The picture he showed me was of that very view, with the sunset gleaming between the shadowy trees, echoing off the glowing surface of the water.


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